big bear update 1

this week has been a crazy one work wise, ride wise, life in general wise. it's nice to be in WV.

ah, the chaos has begun - the packing. when i first started racing enduro, i freaked out about what to pack. 7 years later, i still freak out - so i bring everything and anything.

and as i pack more, the pit crew packs more too. last race brought out the new hella quite super powered generator.

this race - a tent big enough to fit something like 12 people, and some crazy chair that actually folds out like a lazy boy.

(note to any solo riders - feel free to take a break/nap at any point during the race - i've got a tent with a warm sleeping bag just for you!)

after setting up, it was ride time. trail conditions are the driest i have seen it here in years.

new section of the trail has been cut in about 1/2 way through the course - and it has a scenic overlook. saturday, this will be nothing more then a blur through my tifosi's.

sologoat otu


Anonymous said...

Wish we were with you....good luck Uncle Ernesto! PCP & MEP

SquidBuzz said...

Good luck and remember, a clean bike is a fast bike. A fast bike is a happy bike.