massive updates


so much going on these last few days that my head is spining around and around...

going to keep this short, text post only. in random order as that is how i am feeling...

1. 17 entries in the solo field at big bear. wow. haven't seen a field this big in a long time... very cool.

2. new wheels are in, will be hitting dirt tomorrow. the dt 190/sapium/stan's wheelset are weighing in a very stupid light weight of 1500 grams. da*n, that's light.

3. maxxis tires are in. two options of 29er tires for ernesto now.

4. new sponsor to the mix - i have offically now picked up my first cross specific sponsorship from alpha q. in stupid light respect, i will be running their cx20 cross fork for my 2007 quest for uci points -- fork comes in sub 500 grams. hells ya.

5. speedgoat - another hells ya goes out to jeremy. why? the ridley's are coming, the ridley's are coming! FINALLY - a company that has an awesome cross line up (4 models available) that has a parts group that doesn't suck. and the road line up - wow, impressive. a frame with an integrated seatpost will make it difficult to fly with - unless you like to fly on the road. i'll take a chance on saying stupid light for the 3rd time this post, but it's stupid light.

with the 3 stupid lights in one post, and time running out before the team vehicle (ya, right) comes to pick me up, i must go.

sologoat out

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SquidBuzz said...

Good Luck and say hey to Kerkove.