six days and 100 miles later - long version

this past saturday was the lumberjack 100.

not to be confused with lumberjacks in a lumberjack contest...

or a room full of drunk lumberjacks...

pace was going to be hot - all the top contenders were here, with tinker a no show as i guess he is moving and was closing on his new house this weekend...

with only 6 days having passed since big bear, my intent was to get to the finish. 3rd lap would break a lot of riders as the heat rolls in, so my goal was to ride steady and to keep the heart rate at a resonable rate.

last year, my heart rate went over 220 - the heat was soaring and i was fatigued. didn't want that to happen again.

gun went off, so did most of the top riders. i rode steady in the top 25.

almost at the end of lap 1, the first little power climbs came. i was in a group of about 15 riders, and was the 2nd in line.

the first rider surged up the climb, i went with him. the pack of 15 was now down to 2.

i was with a quiring rider who was riding a rigid 29er and we were rolling pretty fast through the single track. riders were coming back to us and we were dropping them immediately.

mike k, josh tostado, ross c, jerry p... we were soon in the top 10.

the miles were ripping by, soon we neared the end of the 2nd lap - my pace setter had a mechanical (ended up bending a hanger) and i rode on...

lap 3, the heat sets in, just as expected. the clouds roll out and the sun is a beating down on us. at the begining of the 3rd lap, i roll by shey.

3/4's of the way through the lap and i am suffering - jerry catches back up to me and he is rolling fast (ends up 6th).

at the begining miles of the 4th lap, my pace setter catches back up to me and we start rolling again. it feels good to start riding at a higher pace. once we get to the final steep climbs of the day, i drop off his pace. my feet were burning - much respect for the rider i had been setting my pace off for 70'ish miles.

overall, felt great all things considered.

shawn came in 5th - didn't check yet, but he's in the top 2-3 riders for the overall series so far.

lumberjack - see you next year.

sologoat out.

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