next race, new tires

next race on the plate...

granny gears 24 hours of big bear. as the course is right down the road from speedgoat and the fact that canaan/snowshoe was were i got my start in 24 hour racing, i consider this venue to be my "hometown course."

out of the three courses in WV (canaan, snowshoe, big bear) i would have to say that snowshoe was actually my favorite. rocks, roots and a long open climb - kind of a classic "how much can you suffer" type of course, and where i bagged my first 24 hour solo win.

we'll always have snowshoe... (extra points for naming that "modified" movie reference)

been running the Maxxis Ignitors since the begining of the year. been hooking up really in all conditions and are running around 550 grams on the scales.

now, i'm going to try out the Maxxis Crossmark tire. Little bit of a smaller profile tire and the edge tread on the tire doesn't stick out as far -- should be a better tire in muddy condtions where maybe rear spacing is an issue.

also would be a nice option for a low tech fast course - pump them up hard and roll fast.

hoping for the first rides on the new hella light wheels soon - first races will be with tubes, and then... i can't believe i am saying this...

i will go tubeless and drop approximately 100 grams of rotational weight per tire.

the consultant in me can now analyze the increase in wattage per hour, but i'll spare you the boring details.

lunch is over, gotta get back to work.

sologoat out

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JJ said...

dude I race the big bear WVMBA race this year with ignitors on my 29er and they worked perfect just something to think about