ergon grip review up

check out the Cycling News Review on the ergon grip line up. nice write up with some good photo's. check it out.

Justin from Princeton Tec will be at big bear 24 hour race. haven't got a kewl lighting system? stop over and see my man justin and he'll hook you up with one of their rental units - they are so awesome that just recently he was offered up moon shine and cash during a princeton tec trade in program.

check out their full selection of other lights: Princeton Tec site here

check out their full selection of bike lights: Switchback Site here

my normal setup is the switchback 2 for my main and either an EOS or a Princeton Tec Ernesto rigged up Apex special.

interestingly enough, since switching over to princeton tec, i have noticed several other blogs/pics/riders running headlamps -- lighting systems that in the past has not been associated/used for mountain biking.

cost of lighting systems can be a huge factor for many a rider. headlamps are a nice option to keep the cost down as they generally run off of batteries you can pick up at a grocery store.

in other news... my pink surly 1x1 single speed is still up for sale, parting out, or trade for high end cross parts.

cross parts i am looking for: alpha q or wound up cross fork (any size), dura ace two piece cranks (rings not needed), d/a shifters (only need right lever). if interested, post a comment with your email and i'll get back to you.

that's it - back to the jobby job.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

hey ernie, this is nato ziccardi...i am doing the 100km mohican this weekend and wanted to ask if you could send any tips regarding nutrition and tactics for such a long event. the longest i have ever ridden a mountain bike consecutively only being 3 hours. i am a bit nervous...this isnt a one hour cyclocross race after all. also, are you going to be there?
good luck on the rest of your season...hope to see you this weekend!

Solo Goat said...

i stick with hammer nutrition products.

i would end up taking endurolytes. i carry them in coin dispensers and take them as i start to cramp. i've heard of guys putting them in m&m candy dispensers too - or an altoids tin?

then, i would mix up some super concentrated perpetuem/sustained energy in a bottle. then, take a camelback. take a swig of the bottle, then drink from the camelback.

food - i usually go with hammer gel and bars. gel, i end up going with the flasks.

at drop zones, put in one bottle, one flask and a camelback gut with water.

drop zones - look at where others are putting their stuff. best bet is to not put it too early - pace will be hot at first, best not to stop until 30/40'ish miles in.

don't forget extra tubes/co2's.

i won't be there - 24 hours of big bear for me next week, lumberjack after.

eatough, j bishop, shawn adams are confirmed to be there, probably garth as well for sure.

good luck this weekend.

SquidBuzz said...

And now we know where you will be next. =)

Are you coming up to Wisconsin for the 24 hour race the end of July?