speedgoat demo rides this weekend

demo rides this weekend at the 'goat. come and check them out - and if there is a medium mamasita from salsa, keep your hands off it as that sweet bike is mine all mine...

just joking. but maybe i am not.

either way, come and check them out - got a full range of bikes from the guys at salsa and bmc. saturday will be road, sunday will be mountain. check out the above link for the full details and check out some sweet singletrack, a cool bike shop, and some pro mountain biker that will be hanging out at the shop....

i'll be out both days, and saturday we are doing the customary early AM road ride out of the shop. come out early and i'll subject you to repeats up linn run. up down, repeat. hellz ya.

in post conyers news...

check out Mark James Blogspot for a very nice write up from a non-racing bike rider at conyers - with pics AND video. very interesting perspective - most times write ups are from the side of the rider, not the observer.

and, check out the photographers website - Carl Mesta. don't know if you seen any of his work at this event, but he did a great job.

he probably took one of the best night race shots of me to date - check it out.

with that, it's friday. tgif as i need a vacation.

sologoat out


Mark D. said...

Thanks for the plug :-)

Solo Goat said...

no problem - curious as to what you used to edit your videos?

been looking for some software to use for some youtube posts.