brief post race update - conyers

quick recap before packing up.

early pace was stupid fast, josh and i both did 39 minute laps our first two laps. previous course record was 42 minutes.

i stuck with josh for awhile, he pulled away. at night, i kept him at bay. at around 4:30am he lapped me.

josh won, i got second, rob l came in third. mechanicals were huge today, and it left eddie o pulling out early.

pics and longer write up coming by tuesday.

sologoat out


Mark D. said...

Awesome job out there yesterday Ernesto !!!
Watching what you do and how you do it is very inspirational.

SquidBuzz said...

Congrats, can't wait to read the write up on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

great race, man. my sons and i cheered you on every time we saw you and you looked super sttrong throughout. i've got a few pics i can get to you some time this week if you'd like. mark d said it - very inspirational.


Solo Goat said...

thanks guys..

local support at this event was pretty amazing.

meet a lot of locals at the SORBA event the night before - great event, nice people. they did a TON of work at conyers and it shows.

thanks for cheering me on during the event - was actually thinking during the race that conyers is more of a "hometown" race for me then big bear. (big bear is only about a 3 hour drive for me)

thanks guys!