dsg post two - pics and links

these photos are coming at you from mr ergon, jeff kerkove.

more pics can be seen at his site

or his mass postings of pictures here

justin from princeton tec also got some pics up on his site living on the dash which includes a pretty cool one with tinker in tow...

here's the race start - sologoat in 2nd chasing a flying nat ross, brett davis right behind.

ernesto, sloane and brett on the first lap - all riding in comfort. why? must be those ergon grips, hells ya.

dan the man contemplating the next 12 hours of bike repairs, sleep deprivation and deep conversations with my dad questioning his repair techniques and my racing tactics.

(dad advice/race tactic #107 - to win, you just need to pedal faster then everybody else)

shot of the hammer nutrition fuels and bike parts one needs to get through an event.

since i have a smile on my face, i must be enjoying the event. thanks to race organizer grant, this event was top notch.

hammering on - jersey unzipped to cool me down. temps hit in the mid 80's - that's sweltering compatred to the mid 50's i have been riding in.

all business through the pits.

this gets the cool shot award.

since the course doubled back in some spots, double and triple feeds on one lap was an option.

here, i get some much needed water on a un-typical flat spot on the course.

or, was this just an opportunity for ergon to get a great shot of the much desired green grip i have come to love?

sologoat out

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