one of those days

happened on saturday. local yocal RATL crit was a complete disaster.

big ring decided to wear out on me at approximately 2 hours into my AM ride, which happened shortly after me almost getting hit by some dork in SUV which happened shortly after my car not passing inspection due to a hole that needs fixed in my fuel line.

sweet. a fantastic saturday.

today, things are much better - put on an a "new" old big ring and todays ride was skip free. new drive train is ordered - after much debate, i went with the FSA's. next crit, expect my classic off the gun attack. roadies take warning.

that's it - gotta run, lots of work to do today as i have a client going live with their system tomorrow AM. this marks the first Great Plains software client that i have taken from zero knowledge of the product to a full blown live install. should be exciting stuff this week.

next up on race wise.... hmmm... usually i like to build a little suspense... this time, we'll make it a guessing game.

clue #1 - i am heading south

sologoat out


allan said...


Solo Goat said...


though, word on the street that the cowbell will have a pretty stacked field.

Eddie O said...

I sure hope it's Conyers....it's pretty boring all by myself.

Eddie O

Solo Goat said...


yep, conyers it is..

i see josh tostado will be joining us.

SquidBuzz said...

Great Plains! So you are a computer guy for a day job?

Solo Goat said...

yep - was an accountant previously, actually passed the cpa and manage to keep it current.

after getting enough experience in accounting so i can get my cpa, i got out of accounting...

and started working with an accounting software reseller. because i had some background in residential management and had the cpa, i started working with their Timberline software side -- which fit in good because my strong points were the same as the softwares - property management and construction.

then, my company decided timberline was not going anywhere long term, so they sold off the division and let me stay on - great plains was where i landed. with all the 3rd party mods (and me also having a good background in crystal reports), GP is a great fit.

Rick said...

sooooo, that means your goin' for the hole shot, huh, on the next crit?

sorry your saturday sucked a$$.

SquidBuzz said...

Cool on the job thing.

I have been a systems guy for 20 years now. Jeesh, where has time gone. Started out when it was just DOS 2.x. Did work in the Novell arena during the 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x era. Now working with Windows in all facets. I remember Windows 386 and the really ugly version before that that came with PageMaker as a runtime. The evolution of Windows has been interesting and frustrating at the same time. But one must go where the user base is. I think some of the Linux stuff might be interesting.

Doing any races in Wisconsin this year? Was hoping to maybe get to see you out there sweating it. =)