1000 watts for 4 hours

is what this sweet baby can do - welcome to the newest member of the sologoat pit crew. should fit right in with our hotel sized e-z-up tent and massive lighting system.

packing has started for conyers, pit crew SUV is coming by and picking up the bikes and stuff later on tonight - sooooooo much easier traveling when you don't have to carry 95% of your stuff.

last year turnout was pretty low for this event and it looks like this year is turning out to be the same - word on the street is that there are a lot of quality events in the general area this time of year, so i don't know if that has anything to do with it.

but, eddie o and josh tostado are signed up so far -- so no slacking at this event, for sure. just hope some other teams/riders sign up.

that's it - gotta roll. t minus 5 days and counting....

sologoat out


Jeff Kerkove said...

I can put out 1000 watts for 4 hours also.


Justin Kline said...

Hopefully some members of your pit crew (Dad) are now more accustomed to using their headlamp. . . Good luck this weekend!

Solo Goat said...

just an update to all you bloggers out there -

just an fyi: the sologoat pit crew would like to make an offical announcement that they offically picked up their first sponsorship deal this year.

princeton tec has come to their lighting rescue - pit crew members and rider will be both running princeton tec lighting systems.

check out the sologoat tent to see the latest that princeton tec has to offer.

Anonymous said...

From Pit Crew Member, DAD.. After the trainng, I can put the light on my head in a matter of seconds. After using the light at the last race, I believe it is the best head band light that I have seen at any of the races. It out shines and out last all of them.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention it was a Princeton Tec light. Pitt Crew DAD

Anonymous said...

Since the pit crew is commenting-

I believe the "new" piece of equipment (generator) is a great deal quieter than the old one, so to all that camped by the pit crew/tent......

We will miss your clapping when the sun rises and we shut down the generator!

Hopefully, the new one will allow you to sleep like a baby and will keep the pit crew awake and ready to go!

Go Ernesto!