and then there were 7

7 solo's now signed up for conyers - looks like the field is really starting to fill up.

total entries at this point is still pretty slim... too bad, cool temps this weekend should leave race temp's bearable and the rain today should keep the dust to a minimum.

was browsing through some shots from worlds last year - this sequence came out pretty cool.

gotta run - pit crew has now arrived at conyers and is offically holding down the fort, scoping out the trails for twigs, mapping everything out on gps units, taking soil conditions so i can inflate my tires to prime traction pressure...

or maybe just watching tv... thanks for driving down guys - see you tomorrow.

possible updates coming at you live via the sologoat pit... stay tuned!

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

That pic sequence really captures the chaos well. I think I see you, Hendershot, Craig, Brandon, and Steve all in there at some point.