wobblenaughted - again

with conyers less then a week away, the final tweaks on the asylums are now finished.

the 2007 build up issues have been worked out by dan the man earlier in the week - had major shifting issues during the dsg race with bike #2 which appears to have been caused by a bent derailler. belive it or not, it was actually caused by the bike falling in my basement on the drivechain side before the first ride on the new equipment.

once again, jim baldasare (cat 1 a&f team member/former cat 1 crit champ/wobblenaught guru) has worked his magic. congrats go out to his team who came up with some big wins the past couple of weeks.

and fast recovery wishes go out to two riders in the cat 3 RATL race yesterday - one guy left with a broken collarbone, the other went away in an ambulance. 'twas not a good site. the crash delay the 1/2/3 long enough that although we got 15 minutes into our race, there was enough craziness (some cars got out on the crit course) going on that the organizer decided to stop the race. it was probably for the better - was one of those times when there was just too many bad vibes going on and something bad was going to happen if we continued.

though, there was enough time for me to try what i have come to call my reverse ekimov move (ekimov is well known for launching an attack in the ending kilometers of a race when the pack is moving at 30mph+ -- the "reverse ekimov" is basically the same thing, but it is done in the open kilometers of the race -- starting when the gun goes off).

there's no better time to start the lactic acid pain other then immediately.

with that thought, gotta ride.

sologoat out

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