update from conyers 2

last minute run the local bike shop this morning. the old owner has been a bike shop dealer for over 30 years. small shop, old bikes and parts - looked like most of his business was probably repairs.

inside, was this bike:

this bike was built around 1890 - if you notice, no chain. i've only seen bikes like this in a few picture books i have. very cool.

the "chain" is actually a metal rod that runs inside the drive train side of the rear triangle of the frame.

a section of trail on the first of the figure 8 loops...

another shot of the huge rock...

and a shot of one of the new sections. where the arrow is placed is actually where the trail used to run - down and to the right. full of ruts that left your speed very low at the begining of super steep climb. nothing like making a tough climb even tougher by starting it out at basically a stand still.

now, the trail basically cuts off the section - the trail circles around in an "S" shape to same climb, but gives you a chance to ramp up your speed a little before it begins.

once again, hats off to the local trail builders. nice job.

sologoat out.

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