morning rides

waking up at 6:30am for work seems impossible to the extent it is a miracle if i get up by 7.

but if i have to get on the bike by 5, i am up at 4:30am no problems.

this week on the bike is pretty much the same as last, except more hours in the saddle. another week off from racing and then maybe i'll hit up some of the local mid-week training races in the area and then some shorter distance mountain bike events leading up to 24 hour nationals.

in ohio area news, the ohio valley cross series event schedule is now posted - 5 events with UCI points. hoping to score some points to push my start position at nationals further towards that front row.

in bike news, medium mamasita's are like gold right now. i've got chris at speedgoat pulling some magic out of his hat to see if we can hook a brotha' up with one.

and, the kewl ritchey breakaway cross frame. probably the best out of the box solution for the traveling cyclist. been eyeing one up recently, then finally pulled the trigger. should be a no brainer pick for my work related trips...

with that, gotta ride.

sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

I have a signed movie poster from Jason Berry and Ken Bell, if I bring that to the finish of the 24 hours up at Nine Mile, would you sign it also? I can't make the start since I'll be finishing up RAGBRAI.

Solo Goat said...

sure - no problem.

Jason said...

scored my Large Mamasita last week.
Build is done. Damn, the frame is sweet.
Yet to taste dirt with it though. In due time.

Rick said...

sooooooo, you goin' steel ritchey or Ti ritchey 'cross? What wheelset/groupo are you going to put on it?
speaking of 'cross, what wheelset/tire combo do you like on a budget? if you had $?

Solo Goat said...

late friday night update - mamasita is possibly on the way. the mediums are SUPER hard to get right now, so thanks go out to the gang for speedgoat for working some magic.

went steel on the ritchey - price break on the steel was too good to pass up. this is strictly a travel bike for me, so i will only ride it when traveling for work or when there is a super cheap flight out to a great training area.

parts are a mix of what i have around - and what i can strip off a surly single speed that i bought and didn't ride too much. wheels will be an old d/a set i had genuine george from speedgoat build for me. thompson stuff, tiagra rear/ultegra front shifter. anything i have to buy will be of the salsa type quality.

debating on the crank - more then likely going compact so i can have a broader range of gearing as i may end up using it as a mountain bike in a pinch.