on the road again

off to the lumberjack 100.

sure to be a "slow" race - chris, josh, tinker, harlan... i've heard that the first 75 miles are supposed to be neutral and a slow pace.


there's going to be a few cans of whoop azz opened up tomorrow, to say the least. look for stupid fast lap times.

in bike setup news...

i'm rolling light - i have now converted asylum #1 to tubeless. first wheel was somewhat of a pain, then i watched the video again on notubes.com and the next went on no problem. very cool light setup. can't swait to see how the run at the lumberjack as it's a very good course to try them out on.

gotta run - heading out with shawn adams and he's probably wondering why i am posting to the blog and not driving towards his house.

sologoat out.


SquidBuzz said...

Good luck. All recovered from the last race, eh?

Solo Goat said...

somewhat recovered - going to set a more relistic pace for the lumberjack this year then i set last year.