more big bear updates

check out: JEFF KERKOVE'S BLOG for a few pics

or check out jeff's big bear pics here

and check out a few pics from Justin at Princeton Tec. full update on his site coming soon.

yesterday's drive back was pretty uneventful, and it actually felt odd that i didn't ride my bike. i'll be back on the bike today for a light spin.

body held up great - the new ergon gloves worked fantastic. overall, the best shape my hands have ever been in 2 days after a race. just last year, it would of been a miracle that i could even open up a bottle of soda two days later...

with that, gotta run.

sologoat out

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gwadzilla said...

if you scroll down my blog you will find some Big Bear Pics

they may not be of you

but there are some good shots from the event