six days and 100 miles later

lumberjack short version - long version up tomorrow.

pace was fast, i settled in a medium/high tempo pace. was trying to keep the heart rate under 180. average for the first 6 hours was at 160.

chris e took off, had a slight mechanical at the begining and then rode home for the win.

two michigan guys came in 3rd/4th - samuelson? was one of them..

harlan came in at 4th.

shawn adams came in fifth.

a quiring rider came in 6th.

i came in an amazing 10th place - 5 places higher then last year, and roughly 45 minutes faster.

i went out slower then last year, but came in faster.

longer version with pics up tomorrow - for now, gotta run.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Good job Ernesto- one week after Big Bear- and you improved!!

SquidBuzz said...

Yes, very impressive.

Mark D. said...

10th place one week after Big Bear??

Awesome job !! Way to go!!!

Steve Kinley said...

Nice job but the two Michigan guys came in 2nd and 3rd. That was Mike Simonson in second, the guy who finished 4th at Mohican after making a wrong turn near the end.

Solo Goat said...

you are correct on the 2/3rd - that's what i meant to put down, but not what i typed in my sleep deprived state.

full write up coming tonight.