a crash and a dnf

short post - sitting in 3rd with 4 laps in, 4 minutes down to chris and nat, over 8 mintues over hendershot, eddie and steve.

i took a flight over my bars, landed on my back hitting the ground which had a rock.

heard a crack and it knocked the wind out of me.

road 5 more laps, but my back was killing me - i was tensing up on the bumps as it jarred my back and i was having a hard time breathing.

legs were awesome, i felt great - but to go on was going to be very difficult. i pulled the plug and pulled out. better to save it for another day.

eddie had a mechanical with his rear wheel, nam had some wheel issues, steve broke a frame... surely will be some good stories coming from this race.

gotta run -

sologoat out

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