nationals write up

well, needless to say, this race did not go as planned.

nutrition - on. no stomach issues at all. ran my hammer mixes lean.

fitness - on. felt super awesome, legs were turning over easy and i felt like i had power to spare and was saving energy to push it in the night hours.

the unknown - mechanicals and injury is not something you can predict.

on the 4th lap, i went into a technical section and flipped over the bars landing on my back and on a rock. that said rock hit my rib.

i pushed on for the next 5 laps, eventually loosing my 3rd place position.

as my back got worse, it became evident i couldn't go on. i was having difficulty breathing and my back was getting tighter and tighter - so i pulled the plug at around 10 hours.

not really how i predicted the end of this race.

revised game plan - rest up, re-coop and mending of a cracked rib.

sologoat out


Mark D. said...

Bummer about the crash and ribs.Luckily it wasn't worst.

mend fast.

Paddy Humenny said...

word on the unknown...heel up quick, was gonna come by and say hey but you had a pretty serious race face on, some other time

Anonymous said...

The pit crew would like to congratulate our pit-crew neighbors this past weekend!

Congrats to our next door pit neighbor-Bill Livingston (#30) who did a great job in his 1st 24 hour race and even took the time to ask about Ernesto during the race.

And to Constantine Peters "the Segway guy" who took 1st in the single speed race!

And to our Stevens Point, WI friends who came back this year to watch Ernesto and even provided food and beverages to the crew!

And to the crew from Canada- who took pictures- thanks!

Heal up Ernesto and we'll get 'em at the next one!

Danielle said...


Sorry to hear about the rib. You were flying out there!!!

Heal up fast!!!

SquidBuzz said...

I was looking for you and Jon Posner mentioned that you had crashed and probably cracked a rib. I was hoping to see you in the morning or something, but I missed you. I hope you are feeling better and get well soon.

I still have the 24 Solo poster for you to sign. I was able to get Eatough, Posner, Hernderstot and Ross to sign it. If I send it to you with a sharpie and return postage would you sign it for me? Let me know.

namrita o'dea said...

Sorry about the race, that totally sucks. Heal quick, hope to see you out there again soon.


weak and feeble said...

Heal well!



Eddie O said...

Tough luck my friend. I always hope to finish in front of you, but never like this. Heal quickly and come out to Moab.

Eddie O

Solo Goat said...

thanks for all the well wishes - rib is already feeling better today. racing for this weekend is definetly off.

congrats to danielle, nam and eddie.

squidbuzz - just send me your email address and i'll send you my info.


Bernice said...

Oh bummer! Saw you pass me looking strong! Take time to recover. Love reading your blog.

Don said...

I hope you're feeling better mentally and physically. Heal up quickly... Cyclocross season is coming!!!