say hello to the cx20

the alpha q cx20 will the be the fork of choice on the new moots cross bike build, coming in at 70 grams lighter then the standard cx model.

the cx 20 is noticeably slimmer, but still retains it's stiffness. couldn't believe the ride of the alpha q on the road moots - so when i had to pick a fork for the cross bike, this was a no brainer.

prep for nationals continues - the days are counting down... will be out there wendesday for maximum rest time - it is a relatively short flight that leaves one flying over a farm right before landing. awesome. congratulations - you've just landed in the middle of a corn field.

that's it - gotta get back to the work thing.

sologoat out

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Investment Biker said...

Let me know if you want to sell one of you old carbon cross forks. Looking for something lighter than what I have.


new email is bdavis at ironwood-dev.com