random ernesto updates

and so i am done lamenting hours over the moots sl project.

parts are ordered and frame will be built up next week. it's going to be hella cool.

and somehow, dan the man fought off the masses and scored me a set of SPOOKY CARBON CANTI'S.

a few little tips and tidbits about the spookys: they don't include instructions, pads or cables. and they don't have any type of adjustablility. straight up, if i was building up an everyday cross/commuter type of bike, i probably wouldn't use them. so why do i? super light and simple - comes in a tad over 153 grams which is roughly 20 grams lighter then the avid canti's.

i'll be running a 1x9 system on the bike, utilizing a 42 tooth Salsa ring up front. tip on this setup is to use a 3rd eye in conjunction with some type of outside chain gaurd - this should help to prevent the chain dropping. i've found that most chain drops on cross bikes happens when re-mounting the bike when you go to put the bike down on the ground. with some practice, if you put the bike down more gently, you can eliminate chain drops.

and, the random assortment of bike parts for the ritchey breakaway is near complete. you'll see an assortment of parts that i had stashed away - new parts, old parts, parts off my pink surly, and a few one-off's from speedgoat including a mavic front wheel. it's purely a bike of function.

and - the surly's. i'll have pics up later today, but they are both getting stripped down and parted out. since i've posted the pink surly before, i'll give my blog fans first crack at them. info and pics up later today. post a comment to the blog with your email address if interested.

that's it - back to the jobby job.

sologoat out

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