surly's up for grabs

surly 1x1 frame/fork in pepto pink straight from surly - this was not a custom paint job. selling f/f - and if wanted, pink king headset and paul single speed wheelset. ridden maybe a max of 6 times.

surly k monkey - selling all but wheels and bb/crank.

if any sologoat fan is interested, post a comment to the blog with your email and i'll get back to you. otherwise, these are going up for sale locally later 2 day.

sologoat out


Gary said...

I might be interested in taking that monkey off your back! Email me at gburkhol@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

What size is that 1x1?

Rick said...
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Rick said...

I'm all over the pink....heck, I'll give my SISS to Gary and race da pink! Headset is a must, wheelset a maybe.

Solo Goat said...

both surly's are 18/mediums.

k monkey runs 135 rear spacing, both are setup to run either v brake or disc.

headset is super cool - very nice coloring on it. defintely a must if you are going to run the pink frame.

wheels came off an old bianchi - it was the 2nd year they made their single speed bike. it was the "bass" model i believe... bad azz single speed...

lemonad said...

I'm interested in the 1x1 (frame+headset), how much would you want for it?

Solo Goat said...

asking 310 for the frame/fork and headset. surly had about 4 or 5 short rides on it (all on paved bike trails) - king was bought brand new with the frame/fork.

had v-brakes on it, disc brakes were never installed.

have a few others interested in it locally, so let me know ASAP.

email me at
solo_goat (at) yahoo (dot) com