end of a nice weekend

here in ohio.

surly k monkey is gone, surly 1x1 still up for grabs.

this week, had some issues with a particular pair of shoes... something didn't seem quite right as my right knee was bothering me. upon inspection - somehow, the cleats were reversed. ah.... they came loose during the conyers race so somehow in the mix-up, something got reveresed.

not mucho going on this past week, just getting in the miles and starting the focus on naitonals coming up at the end of the month. i'll be getting out there a little earlier this year, so i'll maximize the rest and riding time.

this weeks focus is to continue the focus, re-order some hammer nutrition supplies, get some good rides in and a trip to the 'goat to get the asylums and a few other bikes put together.

been using the no-flavor heed this week - good stuff if you haven't tried it yet. sometimes i put some flavor in it by using hammer gel, but i like it straight up un-flavored.

that's it - gotta roll.


Anonymous said...

Hey goat, I saw you on Saturday turning from rt 303 onto old Rt 8. Looked like you were on a road bike following some other dude. I almost yelled "Yo SoloGoat" out the window!!

Solo Goat said...

didn't hear you sorry - was with my old roommate tris. with all that wind, couldn't hear a thing.

Gary said...

The K Monkey is sweet! It's my first time riding a fixie, so I've got some learning to do. It's actually lighter than my current CX bike. I haven't taken it off road yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

Solo Goat said...

sweet - glad you like it and it's in a happy home.