you'll never know what you'll find down the next road. twice this year i found cash money - first was a 5 dollar bill, the next was a major jackpot - 20 bucks. sweet.

friday - well, i found what at first i thought was a serious weapon, only to come back and find out it was a ninja toy.

gotta run - need to get in some miles. and hopefully find some cash instead of odd toys.

sologoat out


Jason said...

I once found a bowling ball. kept thinking to myself what kind of "messenger points" I'd score going last 15 miles carrying that bad boy.

jason said...

I too had a find on the road this weekend, a sweet pair of karhu nordic skis. Wide, waxless, great for rock skis. Just had to ride less than 5 miles on the road bike with a pair of 210cm skis. Not gonna leave a find like that!

Solo Goat said...

hmm.. think ski's are a little better then a plastic ninja sword..

Mihaela said...

Nice blog, great pictures...Hope you're having some excellent rides this summer...and find many interesting objects on your way ;-)
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Have a good one!