a weekend of work

work.. it can always wait until after a ride. unfortunately, after waking and enjoying a good breakfast and 4 good cups of coffeee, and then your ride - you don't really feel like working on a beautiful day.

this weekend, for a special treat, i got moots cross bike #1 converted to road use. i was forced to put on yucky water bottles.

a constant obsession - my weight.

with that, i gotta get back to work - lots of reviews coming up, including a review on the tifosi's above. different type of frame/lens on this particular model, but it worked out great for todays ride.

and congrats to dan the man - he's pretty much an offical home owner as of saturday.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

The pit crew has been wearing their tifosi's in the hot FL sun and not only do we look great, we can change the lens for the activity that we are doing! Dad (aka Pit Crew #1) was even seen popping in a tifosi lens this morning!

We met mootsie and minnie's friend this morning- Mickey! He only wishes he had Tifosi glasses to wear!

Wish you were riding here ....

Jay Heverly said...

Obsession with weight, Ain't it a bitch? I gotcha by about 50# bro.

Gary said...

I thought that was you on the towpath Sunday. By the time I decided to turn around and try and catch up to ya, you were LONG GONE!


Solo Goat said...

yep, it was a long medium effort day. no taking it easy that day. been trying to find where CAMBA put in that new trail up north, but i can't seem to find it.

gwadzilla said...

my constant obsession is eating

which is easier than losing weight

guess that is why I am nearly 100 pounds heavier than you

well... in addition to my eating
I am 6' 4" tall