whew, glad it's friday.

work is finally slowing down, which is a good thing as nationals is just a few weeks away. should give me plenty o' time to rest up and get a few minor repairs done on the asylums.

for nationals, i'll be running tubeless on both bikes - first run on the new stan's setup was at the lumberjack. setup actually was not that bad, but i am using stan's rims - which, from what i have heard, is much easier to do than trying to convert a standard rim to tubeless.

in racing news, chris e is ripping it up near the whistler area and harlan just pulled off a top ten at norba marathon nationals. nat was out nationals too, but i guess he dnf'd as i didn't see him listed...

and - congrats to dan the man. he's now the proud father of a home mortage.

not much more happening - some cross bikes to get together and some hours to get in the sadddle.

with that - sologoat out


Jeff Kerkove said...

lots of flats at the Firecracker. That was Nat's doom.

Solo Goat said...

figured something had to of happened.. i thought he was running tubeless now?