on the mend

update on the rib - didn't go to the doc, but i am pretty convinced it is cracked as every time i laugh or breathe deeply it hurts.

back on the bike. riding actually doesn't hurt too much unless i stand up or hit a bump - so the wilderness 101 is definetely off for me this weekend. bummer because i pre-paid. good luck to all those who go out - chris scott puts on one hell of an event out there. when you finish up, drink a pint for me.

two flats today left me kind of bumming out until i saw the following:

i just had to laugh.

myself, i like to pillage and plunder. and ride a bike.

with that - sologoat out


Chris said...

Sounds like a cracked rib to me. Had the same thing happen a couple of months back when riding at White Pine State Park here in Idaho. Went over the bars and landed hard in some logging flash. It hurt to breath and laugh for about a month after.

Heal up fast. Cross season approacheth...


Solo Goat said...

yep, can't wait for cross to start.

will hit up nationals again and the game plan is to try and collect uci points before so i can have a better start position.