stay tuned...

check out speedgoat chris last post on the SPEEDGOAT BLOG

this year will bring even more coverage of interbike as most of the crew (including yours truely) will be heading out to vegas.

tons of pics, lots of coverage, the vegascross race and an announcement from speedgoat.

stay tuned - same bat time, same bat channel.

sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

What are you running for lights now days? One on the bar and one on your helmet right?

Thanks in advance.

Solo Goat said...

princeton tec - running the switchback 2 on the head and the apex headlamp rigged up to a bar mount.

the apex is very similar to the corona, but has some additonal flood lights and only runs on 4 batteries, as opposed to 8 with the corona.

apex - super light and very long burn times. run that with it shinning right in front of my wheel. excellent side to side lighting.

where that light tends to fade out, i have the switchback 2. i've slightly cut out my helmet so i can adjust the light better as i tend to keep my head down a lot...