random updates and 29er news

random stuff coming at ya...

chris e not coming to 24 worlds - neither is gordon. hmmm... let the gossip begin.

chris from speedgoat has a new guy - jim is the house of the goat, coming from a major bike manufacture.

chris c from the old titus days has jumped ship to bh bikes. cycling news has a review of 3 carbon road bikes, with a mention of new mountain bike design. hmm... could this be a new 29er design? hmmmm...

i'll be booking flights and hotels for several up and coming events this week - most noteably, i will be making a trip out to interbike this year. as always, should be interesting.

that's it - gotta ride. rib feeling better - i can almost sleep through the night - yahoo!

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be Jim Glose would it? That would explain why he hasn't answered my e-mails!

Solo Goat said...

not sure..

he just started this week..