a momentary lapse of thought

aslyum 01 - snapped01
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lead to two broken frames and weekend of frustration.

came hame from the shop on saturday and drove my car right into my brick covered house. the result - two snapped asylum frames.

garage 1, ernesto asylums -2, ernesto roof rack -1

as i type, dan the man is stripping down and re-building what i demolished.

advance thanks to speedgoat for getting them back together - and for jim possibly using titus connections to get a new front triangle for one of them.

i hate mondays

sologoat out


Jeff Kerkove said...


Solo Goat said...

it was more like damn x50, plus a few other choice words..

update from titus - they got two spare front trinagles that will be sent by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Doh, shit, that sucks! Seems like it happens alot though. Maybe time for a clever invention that would sound an alarm just before you decapitate your bike.

Anonymous said...

The question I want to know is....
right before you drove into your garage....did you happen to see any butterflies?

Butterflies are a bad sign!

That is what I learned in Wisconsin, so I pass my information on to you.