pre-ride #2 complete

course is super dry, sandy almost... ha, ha...

course is very similar to sea otter - it's always going up or down. a few flat places, but not that often, and if you are going downhill at a high rate of speed, you need to watch out for ruts from hell.

climbs are a mix of graduals, false flats, short and steep - but in general, they are wide open, non-technical and open to the sun and elements.

just how i like 'em.

lack of trees/cover is good for the spectating as you can see riders from miles off (should make for some cool night spectating) but can also be bad if storms/rain come in as nothing stops the wind and/or rain from hitting you.

and if it rains - what little sand covers the ground turns to clay. oh the fun i had with this at sea otter.

luckily, weather man says the forecast is good - highs in the mid 70's and low's in the mid 50's. much better then the 105 degrees it was when i got into san jose.

other then that, just hanging out and resting.

dan the man has landed and is in route to monterey and today i ran into one of the tough aussie's - john claxton. watch out for him and andrew bell - they are sure to start putting the hammer down at 12:00:01 on saturday.. they left behind winter in their homeland to come out to race in monterey.

that's it. slow internet connection is killing me, so i may not be able to get a ton of pics up until monday or so. a few more posts will be completed before saturday, so stay tuned.

sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

Thanks for answering the questions that I had about your lighting setup.

How did you get the Apex mounted on the handle bar though? Is there a kit for that or did you use a bunch of your spare parts?

Good Luck this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Kill it!

Solo Goat said...

mounting setup - i'll have to take a look at it. the two i have came from justin at princeton tec who had one of their guys piece together the top of the apex with one of their lower end bar mount units.

was actually the setup they used for 24 hour races before they came up with the switchback series.

and thanks shawn - heel up quick.

SquidBuzz said...

The joys of being a sponsored rider. =)

What about the bag that is holding the batteries on the stem? Is that anything special?

Anonymous said...

The pit crew at home will be cheering for 24 hours!

Good luck!