quick update - 24 worlds

hot and fast.

temps hit over 100 for 4 hours straight.

i went from 3rd at 3pm to 9th at 6am.

i gave all that i could, got within 3'ish minutes to nat.

more later - rest now.

sologat out


SquidBuzz said...

Surviving 100 degree weather is not an easy feat.


Cellarrat said...

Nice work! Thats so hot!

Jeff Kerkove said...


Solo Goat said...

no doubt - heat was a massive factor in the race. saw numerous riders throwing up, talking non-sense, etc.

and - single speed winner got an added bonus: a custom SPOT frame.

(note - they also had out the new belt driven SPOT out there too. check it out on cycling news)

Jamie said...

Congrats from Chattanooga!

Lucas said...

Way to go man! Can't wait to hear how you battled back to 4th!