200-1 odds

sl cross moots
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sneak pick of the new build up.

full write up coming this weekend as i travel out to michigan for the double UCI cross weekend, to be followed up by Cross Vegas next week.

3 UCI cross races in 5 days - sweet.

busy with work, busy with racing and riding - hopes to get to WV for some of the enduro series is fading fast. need to check the schedule for next weekend as it's probably the only one i can hit up - possibly. i haven't had much free time as of late.

speaking of which - i'm looking for a phone, wireless card, calling plan, etc, that can update the blog, browse web pages, upload to flickr possibly. was wondering if anybody had any experience with the verizon wireless router with modem/dial up acess or with the TELECOM net only services. TELECOM seems to be the way to go as they got a cool little browser/phone type contraption and the plans start pretty reasonably.

and then - there is the ever sweet IPHONE. craig at speedgoat has one and it's hella cool.

that's it - off to cleveland.

oh - and, according to my buddy gary d, i have odds at 200-1 at cross vegas for the win. place 'yer bets now!

sologoat out.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Ernesto! Wish we were with you! Instead- We will be cheering from the roof! amp

WV kid said...

big bear was sweet but hope to see you at the Rattle Snake