pretty much my favorite animal - vegas update

well, off to vegas in t minus 3 hours. word from my secret contacts (speedgoat staff) is that the pivot/bh bikes are the bomb and dan the man has ridden a moots full suspended 29er that was pretty sweet - front end was ti, rear was aluminum.

everybody is in agreement - TUFO tape has gots to go on my carbon wheelset. my DNF was the second in a few weeks for asylum/freddie fu team members. at least my crash happened in a grass field at 20mph, not at 30mph on pavement with a field inches behind you in the last corner of a crit. not cool.

FYI - speedgoat blog link is added. check out the site often as the interbike pics and reviews are starting to roll in as i type away.

anyhoo, vegas cross is 7pm for the ladies, 9pm for the gents on wednesday night. with a beer tent, elvis, industry reps and a thousand screaming bike geeks, it is going to be a blast.

so, be there or

sologoat out

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