i'm in...

registration for cylcocross nationals was just silly - the registration started at 1am saturday. yep, 1am not PM.

what a joke that was - next time cross nationals is on the east coast, i think that they should have registration at 6AM east coast time so those dorks can wake up at 4:45am for registration. seriously, what was the point?

registration was limited to 120 riders per class, so if you didn't get in early and you missed out, too bad until next year.

for masters racers, the earlier you register, the better... 8 riders per line at the start. top 10 from last year first, winner from last years age group (if it applies), then the order of registration...

for elite's, it is something similar to that except that anybody holding UCI points trumps the order of registration. so, you could theoretically be the last to register but because you have a ton of UCI points, you have a good starting position.

and starting position is everything - moving up positions in the masters race is one thing.

in the elite race, it is another. every guy out there is just as fast as you and is as determined not to let you pass.

in other cross news...

sorry to gerry and the pittsburgh cross racers for me not showing up to race today - some things came up and i had to run over to help my dad out. sorry for the no show.

and - the sl cross moots got completed late last night complete with pink bar wrap. looks hella sweet.

that's it - gotta run..

sologoat out


Matthew said...

All three of my kids were there to get your autograph, then you don't show. All you rock star, over paid athletes are the same. I am so disappointed in you.

Solo Goat said...

sorry matt - had a personal obligations i had to take care of. i'll try to make it out to one of the other races this year.

Rick said...

I'm not doing NATS....that whole crap about the 1:01AM sign up was too much and the race format changed to needing to be there earlier to do the B's and Master's Race. So I'm just going to travel around OH/MI/KY and the east coast for fun this season; maybe even get in a UCI race? Good luck and see you at the Bike Authority series?
(I am going to bring last's years NATS pictures with me to the BA series for you.)

Solo Goat said...

rick - heard the same thing about the 1am registration start 3 times already. stupid start time. still can't figure that one out.

bike authority series - i'll hit them up when i can't get a UCI race in moab and ohio state champs has me missing 2 of the series race, so the overall for me is over before it began. was thinking that maybe it was a sign for me to go out and hit up some other races.

StupidBike said...

I bet the software had to do a 12:01 open, and since the race is in central time zone, 1:01 for eats coast, 11:01 for me,