bikes back and getting hitched

asylums are now back in the casa of ernesto. all is well.

sent them out via UPS to monterey and had them held for pick up - actually worked out pretty well as we didn't have to deal with getting them on the plane. UPS has a better insurance policy too, should anything happen.

just got to plan on sending them out early and them getting back late (about 4 days each way).

also, want to wish my speedgoat pals a belated congrats (michael) and a future congrats (jeremey) on their marriages. congrats to both of you guys.

with that, gotta roll - hell week of training and house stuff as i try to catch up on painting. damn the maker of wall paper.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Is that a double tri-all case?

I'm trying to find someone that will ship overseas. Ever shipped to europe?


Solo Goat said...

yep, this is the double tri-all. got one of their wheel boxes too.

i personally never shipped overseas - but, i do know speedgoat sends bikes over to europe all the time.

best bet would be to call speedgoat - they would give you the best advice.

offhand, i am pretty sure they use UPS as that is pretty much their main/only shipper that i know of.

TSWimba said...

Great job @ the 24 worlds. Could you offer some advice on how to best get your stuff to a 24 hour race you will be flying to? How do you get the bike and nutrition out to the race?

Solo Goat said...

bikes - if you send them UPS, just plan on sending them out well in advance. took 4 days for my bikes to get to cali - got them to UPS on wendesday the week before. they picked them up on thursday and then the 4 business days started. they got to cali on tuesday and i came in the next day.

it was a hassle, but to be honest, UPS insurance is way better and not having to rent a huge SUV saved me some cashola.

i would only suggest you use some type of corporate account - otherwise UPS will ding you pretty good.

otherwise, pray that the airline doesn't smash everything.

overall, both are huge pains - i would have to say that going UPS made it a little easier at the airport. one less thing to carry around. however, i did take my wheel box on the flight. that always comes through without a scratch.

nutrition - i take everything out of the boxes (if i have gel/etc), take a brand new bottle of heed, two new bottles of gel, and then use a nalgene bottle full of sustained energy (as i never use a lot of it).

bottles - they all go out with the bike box.

flasks - they all go out inbetween the spokes in my wheelbox.

all my other small food items i buy when i get to the venue (water, etc...)

i would suggest getting the biggest cheap luggage you can get without it being oversized and pack every single friggin' square inch.

and - don't forget you have one carry on and one personal bag. i have both packed full - one usually with all my lighting and glasses.

there's all my travel secrets - other then bribe a friend/family member to drive out and pick you up at the airport with all your stuff.

TSWimba said...

Thanks man that was a huge help! Will you be out for the 24 hours of Moab this year? If so, maybe I'll see you there.