MI UCI cross - day 1

MI UCI cross - day 1
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ah, what a day.

it was a frustrating one at that - must of been on the ground at least 5 times. 3 of which happened on the first three laps - tons of off chambers and slow riders had me not feeling the cross vibe.

start line call up was just like nationals - call up all the guys who you read about all the time and then let everbody else chase them. so, at the start line, i was 4 rows back. hmmm.

race started and i proceed to have my early crashes - at one point, i am nearly the last guy.

i pick it up and start picking off riders - i catch 5 or 6 riders in the closing laps as i can watch page flying and coming closer.

just as i head out on my last lap, page takes the win - at least i didn't get lapped. tough way to start the cross season, but the goal was to survive, not to get lapped with hopes that i i'll be paying my dues early this year so i can cash them out later in the season.

tomorrow's another day and another race.

sologoat out

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