it's true..

yep, despite a few random emails, i have proof - yes, ernesto lube is the real deal.

100% biodegradable and super cheap in the long run if you send back in your used up bottles for re-fills - at 3 bucks a bottle for a re-fill, i honestly don't ever want to hear a squeaky chain again.

that's it - gotta run. work, work, work.

stay tuned this week - will be posting my upcoming race schedule and a few pics of the new moots sl cross which by some miracle, just got built up a few days ago.

and - the ernesto part sell off to raise funds for the last 4 months of racing is about to begin. got 2 d/a new chainring sets, 2 complete lighting systems from my old sponsor, and i think i am going to sell off my SOMA if any of you single speed freaks are interested.... i'll be adding a new album set on my FLICK account in the next day or two with all the schwag..

sologoat out


Ernesto Lube said...


Solo Goat said...

thanks again!

JJ the WV kid said...

does your schedule include a WV ultra you been saying your going to come to big bear is this weekend hope to see you there