24 Worlds Complete Write Up

is now posted at the SPEEDGOAT BLOG

I added a few more tidbits of info in it for more info to those who don't follow my blog.

i'm beat, legs are feeling heavy as i push my fitness to last for another month or so of enduro events and the start of the cross season - which cross season will start up next week for me at a low key local event over in PA in the month of mud series.

bikes for worlds were sent out UPS - which actually worked out pretty well, as long as one can deal with not having your bikes for a week before and after an event. cost was about the same as it would sending them with me via plane, but the insurance coverage and the hassle/cost it saves was worth it in the long run.

anyhoo, now off to domestic stuff - painting. fun, fun.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Do you ever get burned out? You race and ride alot, plus now you will do your cyclocross racing too. Do you ever just say screw it and not want to ride and trane?

vaughn said...

Hey! Month of Mud! I'll be racing at Mammoth as a junior in the sport/beginner class. Hopefully I can meet you in person-love your blog!

Vaughn W.

PS. I'm riding a Blue Redline. I assume you'll be on your Moots?

Solo Goat said...

burned out phase usually hits me at some point during cross season, but i take quite a few "rest" weeks during the season, so i'm usually OK until late in the season. since cross is all effort and very short time-wise, it's not too bad. and the switch from long sustained efforts to all out short bursts is a nice switch.

yep - will be on the moots all cross season. just checked out the new redlines for this season - look pretty sweet.