part 1 of 3 - 24 adrenaline worlds

arrive at san jose airport in one piece at around noon. after meeting up with my brother, we head down to monterey to pick up the bikes at the UPS center.

as usual, bike case took a freaking beating, but arrived safe. get bikes together and head out to the race course.

course is 13.5 miles long - classic sandy soil of the west, no rock or roots. it's hot with very little shade - weather man says it is only supposed to get up to 75, but it feels hotter.

i end up riding one lap.

wake up early and head out on a lap. after picking up dan the man, head out for the bonus lap to dial in the few single track sections.

not really much to preview, the course is either going up or down and it is open to the elements and the hot sun. sounds horrible, but i love this type of course.

head out early again for one final lap - the course got lots of climbing on it which i feel is really good for me. the more it goes up the better.

rider meeting is later in the day - tinker was there, along with kelly magelky, nat ross, hendershot, brandon, steve, sloane, john and alexender.. it was NOT going to be easy to podium.

with me dnf'ing at nationals, i had to get a good result over the weekend.

bike setup:
pretty much the same as usual, but i have recently changed to running a triple up front, converted to tubeless to save the weight, lowered my stem, changed my bars and switched to ergon grips.

that's it - off to catch a plane. final part tomorrow.

check out flickr - pics from my dad and dan are up under the 24 adrenaline set. more higher res pics up tomorrow.

sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

Did you get the chance to ride your bike down the corkscrew? I've been told from a racing standpoint, that is a wicked corner because it is so blind.

Glad to see you are still alive and in one piece. I'll get that poster out to you this week or next.

Thanks again.

Solo Goat said...

not sure which part of the course is the corkscrew? the staris were a death trap because of the left corner - guess one person fell and broke their collar bone.

SquidBuzz said...

The corkscrew is on the road course for the cars. Sorry I should have made that just a bit clearer.