reynolds wheel and tire
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was the theme for the weekend.

26th on saturday (they paid back to 25) after approximately 5 falls and at some point during the race, i hit one of my spikes on my shoe on a barrier at full speed. i didn't go down, but it knocked the spike insert right out of my shoe.


sunday, pre-ride the course and adjust my tire pressure for the off-cambers. i roll the front tire in practice. great.

race comes, after talking to shawn adams the day before about the race on saturday, i concentrated on the start - and i got a good one. despite being on the third fourth row, i got up to the top twenty within the first 300 meters. i was sitting pretty.

that is, until my rear tire rolled off. fantastic. with a quarter mile to run to the pits and 15 guys having already passed me, i would of been dead last and well over 2 minutes behind that guy before i could my spare bike.

i called it a day 5 minutes into the race - i later discover that i should of replaced my rim tape as it had dried out.

sologoat out

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