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sunburry ride - 01
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been a long week of work and riding. rib is healing up and has stop constantly reminding me of a crash that i wished never happened.

spent 3 days this week for work near columbus - if you ever in the area and need to get in a good road ride, sunburry is a great location. just a little north of the city, you can ride on roads that have ride markings all over. follow the arrows and you can't get lost.

and, there are some trails around, but i haven't hit those up yet. polaris has some trails as well. nice to have some options.

next up is a trip out to speedgoat. forks have been re-built as one was leaking some fluid and the other had a bent cartridge thus making the lock out to not lock out.

may also want to check out Speedgoat.com - they are taking pre-orders on the new FOX 29er forks and also have a few ARGON 18 carbon cross frames that they are blowing out.

sologoat out

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