salsa mamasita pics now up

salsa mamasita - 03
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check out flickr for all of them - got about 20 pics of the build up so far.

handling is quck, bike is very nimble. what very limited single track i've hit up confirms my thoughts - that it rides light and stiff. pick your lines good and you'll fly - otherwise, that rock you forgot about will remind you when you hit it.

tire pressure would be very key - i have a tendency to run it high. with a full rigid, best bet would be to run it a little lower.

additionally, initial thoughts would be to possibly run something like a moots post to dampen up the hits a little. could go with the big suspension type of posts out there, but that would be too heavy.

check out the pics -

sologoat out

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SquidBuzz said...

Like my email stated, yes, please send me your info and I'll get the poster to you. I just need to know if you need a silver sharpie or not.

What sort of plans do you have for that Salsa? I know some of riders at the Cheq 40, Ore 2 Shore and Iceman have been running rigids. Like you stated, the rocks will let you know they are there.