weekend wrap up

sean and jimmy
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14 bottles of heed/perpetuem, 2 flasks of hammer gel, 2 bars and a ton of other calories to get me through the weekend.

saturdays ride was a tempo ride with sean and jimmy - my cross race fellow freaks. this was jimmy's last weekend before his first year at cornell.

looks like we'll be hitting up all the early cross races and may even swing by to pick up jimmy for the early UCI's up in NY.

in 29er news, speedgoat will be getting in an early shipment of the new fox 29er forks you may have seen spec'd on the 2008 trek line up. they are taking pre-orders as you read.... and i've checked out the weights - they are coming in a tad under what the reba currently is, but check with the tech's at speedgoat and they can give you exacts.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out


Jonathan said...

How much for the Fox 29er fork?

Got any pics?

Can I order one (I'm building up a Moots 29er Singlespeed to race at Temecula in January)?


Solo Goat said...

only pics are at cycling news on the trek 2008 preview of their 69er - and the pic on speedgoat.


they are accepting pre-orders now, expected ship time is october.