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ah... the weekend is within grasp.

so the forums are all a busy with news that chris e is not coming to adrenaline worlds. yes, that is true and everbody and his brother seems to be going out to try and grab the title - rumor is that tinker will also be out there too.

i'll be heading out as well - will be out there early in the week to check out the course which i have heard is running in reverse to how i rode it back at sea otter time.

no rocks/roots/etc on the course at all, mostly short steep smaller climbs that are for the most part, non-techy.

with that, gotta roll - tonight is sologoat pit crew appreciation night as we head out to the akron aeros baseball game.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

If you really appreciated your pic crew (and neighbors) you would of taken them to Hawaii or something.

Cheers, Gorman

Anonymous said...

Hey....the pit crew likes Gorman! Hawaii sounds fantastic!

But quite honestly.....the Akron Aeros game was fun and the Dippin Dots tasted good! (and it is much cheaper than taking us on a trip!)

So any appreciation is greatly welcome!

Thank You!