on the road again...

for work.. just a few days, but it's always kind of hectic packing up my life for a few days. i must check to see if i have my riding shoes at least 5 times before i leave.

ergon grips and gloves have been working out awesome - so far this year, no issues with the hands. pictured above are the full fingered version of the gloves which are to see a splash of color added to them in the next version. fingers on the gloves actually have a mesh/venting type of material on them.

concept with the gloves was to keep the padding minimal as excess padding can causing the pad to bunch up - and when that happens, blisters and bad stuff is soon to follow.

so, in this case, less is good.

and my back/ribs are still on the mend - should be fine by the next race. got a few more 24's, some local WV ultra's and a full cross schedule should have me racing until december.

last year i went from the end of the enduro season straight into cross season less then 7 days later. this year, the season will overlap.

guess i can rest in january.

sologoat out.

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