101 update

while i didn't attend, shawn adams did..

chris e didn't show, but jerimah did and took the win away from harlan who was with him for 85 miles. a stick got in his derailler and he had to stop - harlan came in second. both of them beat chris's course record.

josh tostado showed up, double flatted early. came in the the top 7.

tinker was there as well - went out hard and cracked. not sure what place he came in.

shawn played it conservatively, double flatted too and rolled in 7th place.

last year 25 guys came in under 9 hours, this year 9 guys did - including brett davis from ohio.

in asylum news, reba's are getting rebuilt on both bikes and i got my carbon spooky brakes... but no pads... duh!

and in vegas news check out the VegasCross that will happen the first day of the vegas show.

elite's only, 9pm for the men on wednesday night. hmmmm... looks like i may need to bring a moots.

sologoat out

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