first 24 hour race

first 24 hour race
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little did i know that this race would start the addiction.

ernesto blog challenge - name that venue and year

sologoat out


Lucas said...

Unfortunately I have only recently found your blog! I did want to comment on the amazing shoes you have on in the photo! Also the tires look as if they are 1.5's!
Keep up the amazing work and good luck at Worlds!

Tomi said...

canaan, looks like '98?

RickySilk said...

Mag 21 4 life!

Solo Goat said...

yes, those shoes were classics - back in the days of 15 dollar return shoes from nashbar. sweet.

and the 1.5's pumped up with high pressure to make the mud go flying off.

and yes, it is the 1998 canaan event - my team took 2nd place in the expert class that year.

and my old mag 21 - funny story was that the year before i road that fork in a race and the top cap flew out after i hit rut real hard and the cap hit me in the head.

i looked down and saw the bottom of my fork. awesome.