2008 Speedgoat Pink Bike Project

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Every year we unveil one and only one completely unique Speedgoat Pink Bike to be raffled off on our web site, with 100% of the proceeds of $10 raffle tickets going to our friends at Breast Cancer Fund. In addition to our usual high standards, we have a few important guidelines for how our Pink Bikes are put together. First, the bike should include at least a few components you just can't get anywhere else. Second, it should be pink. And finally, it should be nicer than most of the other bicycles in the world.

This year, we went big. Please see the attached low-res. version of the press-release we've prepared for this year's bike. A high-res. version of this release is available for download at:

Pink Bike PDF

Below is a quick copy of the text of the release, in case anyone needs to copy and paste:

Speedgoat Bicycles has once again created an amazing, one-of-a-kind bicycle to be raffled off to fight breast cancer. Raffle tickets and more information about this year's bike are available on our web site at speedgoat.com. All proceeds from this year's event again go to support Breast Cancer Fund, in their search for environmental links to cancer, and their promotion of consumer awareness.

We could never create a bike this amazing without our sponsors, and this year we'd like to thank Niner for getting us their phenomenal new Jet 9 frame before it was even available to the public. Fox contributed an F29 suspension fork to the project. Industry Nine and NoTubes.com created a custom Ultralite set of wheels. Ritchey provided the stem, carbon bar, and post, while Hope provided the brakes, headset, and seatpost clamp.

This year's graphics and paint work are better than ever, and we'd like to thank the man behind the paint gun, Darin, at 2Wheeler Customs. We finished the bike off with an XTR drivetrain, WTB saddle, and some fine Continental Mountain King tires.

To date, Speedgoat's custom pink bikes have raised over $48,000 to help Breast Cancer Fund's research into environmental contaminants, and the preventable causes of cancer.

Additional Information:

Direct Link to the Raffle Page (to go live for the public this Friday, May 23d):
Pink Bike Raffle Link

Further Information about Breast Cancer Fund:
Breast Cancer Fund

If possible, please help us spread the word about this year's event. We hope to make this our most successful year yet!

Thanks again, and take care,

Marketing Director,
Speedgoat Bicycles

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