tour de bike path

went down last night. what started out as a medium tempo ride on my 1x9 el mariachi soon started an inadvertent entry into a race between me trying to maintain my tempo and maintain a medium heart rate level and a male/female couple going all out.

first, i started catching up to them as i stared at amazement as the woman was constantly being dropped as the guy constantly would attack her through intersections or would just randomly stand up, swerve as he couldn't control his bike to swell, and then throw down an attack - all this while be slowed down by his toe straps that were so long they were hitting the ground.

she would then swerve wildly just like he did, ride in a gear too big, then get back on his wheel.

all the while, they never slowed down one bit for any random person walking on the path. nice.

then we hit a monster climb, that would prove fatal to their efforts - so i passed them, not really thinking about it.

15 minutes later, i can hear a random bike bell dinging in the background - my chasers are catching ground as they run people off the bike path and completely run through stop signs crossing local roads without even looking for cars as they chase me down. completely nutz.

they then pass me, gasping for air and make it to parking lot where they completely stop and try to catch their breathe.

they won the prize of completely pissing everybody off on the trail and were the receipients of a miracle as they didn't get killed at an intersection. congratulations!

and you wonder why we get buzzed so often by cars...

in other news..

congrats to the 'goat on the opening of their new location just outside of the seven springs area in PA. they got a full line up of santa cruz bikes to rent out along with gear so you can hit the runs at the recently opened downhill park at seven springs.

now off to lunch..

sologoat out

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Rick said...

too funny....too bad you don't have pictures of that debacle.